The Top 10 benefits of coworking

The Top 10 benefits of coworking

Discover why coworking at Evolve is the best business decision you’ll ever make…

1. Your company in good company…

When you set up in a coworking space, you get to rub shoulders with a multitude of people from a variety of industries. For example, you’ll find architects working alongside accountants and festival organisers working in a shared space with business coaches. This eclectic mix is at the core of our coshare space and, despite preconceptions, this mish-mash of energy, brainpower, skills and ideas results in a harmonious environment and stand-out collaborations.

2. It brings out the best in you

Strange as it may seem, when an individual sets up in our office they tend to put their best and most productive self forward. Not only are they ‘representing’ their brand they’re consciously (or subconsciously) peacocking. After all, you never know who or where your next client is…

3. Flexible hours

Whether you’re a morning person, an up all-nighter or somewhere in between, it doesn’t matter. The beauty of Evolve is that you can rock up to work when it suits you. As a keyholder, Evolve is at your disposal 24/7 (and the coffee is always on tap). If you’re a freelancer with an irregular workload you are the perfect candidate for the flexibility of a hot desk – only turn up when you need a desk. If you don’t – don’t.

4. Be part of a community

Community is everything to us. Unlike larger, more anonymous spaces, we embody a feeling of belonging. This is evident in the friendly faces you’ll see about the place and explains the warm atmosphere. When you enter our office space; you’ll always get a friendly ‘hello’ and find someone to show you around or point out what you need (unless it’s 3am).

5. Avoid loneliness and isolation

Working from home is a romantic ideal. It can be lonely and isolating. Feeling this way plays havoc with your creative streak and zaps your motivation. Take it from me, when you spend more time talking to the dog than other humans it’s time to get out. Hot Desking or casual rate desks give you the flexibility to go into Evolve when you need a break and a change of scene.

6. Reduce costs

Whether you’re a solo player or part of a team, the cost of renting office space on a permanent basis takes a hefty chunk out of your cashflow. Coworking is a more affordable option. As well as reduced overheads, you avoid having to shell out for desks, chairs, coffee, loo roll, internet, printers etc.

7. Keeps you healthy

Evolve has your back, your heart and your lungs for that matter. There is a regular program of yoga and stretch classes on site, run by Carmel and her team at Better Movement Studios. This convenience means no more excuses or counterproductive stressing about getting to the gym. Plans to add meditation classes to the rota are also afoot.

If it’s not fragrant with the smell of freshly ground Monastery Coffee beans, the air at Evolve is otherwise sweet and clean thanks to purifying Himalayan salt lamps and scents from the oil diffusers. You’ve been warned – these oils promise to make you feel inspired, festive, revived and calm.

8. Be inspired by those around you

Sharing an office with fresh faces and talents will help you look outside the box. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for days in the time it takes for the kettle to boil.

It’s common to find co-workers sharing their skills and addressing ways to help each other. You scratch my project – I’ll scratch yours.

9. Social life

It’s not all work, work, work. Far from it. Our space is a great place for you to meet new folk and enjoy social pleasantries. Our most recent events include cocktail tasting and a clothes swap.

10.Location, location, location

Co-share spaces are often in great locations, ones that would otherwise be beyond your budget. Evolve is in the heart of the East End, right next to popular drinking haunts East End Cellars and Mother Vine and cafes such as Penny University, Exchange Coffee and Hey Jupiter.

Don’t forget, the right address also looks fabulous on your business cards!

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