Coworking – it’s the mix that makes it rich

Now corporates are waking up to the benefits of sharing a space with different industries and ideas…

Coworking spaces are no longer the sole domain of entrepreneurs and start-ups. Sauntering into the space and plonking their laptop on a hot desk not far away, are folk from larger corporations. It seems that the big guns have finally twigged that working from an environment filled with multi-talented and resourced individuals has major benefits.

Take, for example, Microsoft, Red Bull and KPMG, just some of the large corporates that house employees in Australian coworking spaces. Why are they moving from their ivory towers to coworking spaces?

First off, coworking offers flexibility. For individuals, start-ups and small companies, their working weeks are typically not the traditional 9-5pm, and so they need a workspace that reflects their movements. Meanwhile, larger corporates are shunning the traditional lengthy and expensive leases. Instead, they are choosing to move certain departments into coworking spaces and to install one-off project teams into working areas where they can come and go with a degree of flexibility never before enjoyed.

It doesn’t end with the benefits of flexible use; large corporates are witnessing great results from moving in with the freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. They’ve discovered, that by doing so, new opportunities open-up for all concerned. Whereas before they were limited to working with staff in-house, suddenly there’s a range of fresh heads with innovative ideas who just happen to be sitting by their side. They are embracing working alongside people with a vision that goes beyond the fenced-in corporate environment. On the flip side? These start-ups, small companies etc. get to meet with the corporates, see how things perform on a large scale.

An environment bursting and bubbling with invention and enthusiasm rubs off. Practically speaking it also widens the field of possible employees and employment. What better way for Red Bull to find a brilliant programmer or events coordinator or accountant than looking around their shared space? How serendipitous for a freelancer to sign a contract with a large corporate! Would these opportunities happen in the more traditional office set-up? Unlikely.

And, as industries and individuals mix, let’s not overlook how the demise of the boss’ office means that everyone regardless of age, profession or favourite musical artist, gets to meet, converse and share ideas (even if it is while waiting for the microwave to ping).

Need more convincing about the benefits of different industries working from the same space? Look at these stats*…

84% - the percentage of workers who feel more engaged and motivated since coworking 82% - the percentage of workers who feel their professional networks have grown 83% - the percentage of workers who feel less lonely because of sharing a working space 89% - the percentage of people feeling happier since working from a flexible space. PS: Who is this 11 %? They’re not at Evolve!

80% - the percentage of workers were able to ask and find help from fellow members 64% - the percentage of coworkers who found work and referrals through their shared space

*All statistics from the GCUC’s 2018 Global Coworking Forecast


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